The Fifth International Luria Memorial Congress (13-16 October 2017 in Yekaterinburg, capital of Ural).




 First Information letter

 The year 2017 marks 115 years from the birth of Alexander Luria (1902-1977) and 40 years from his death. To commemorate the life and scientific achievements of this world-renowned psychologist Yeltsyn Ural Federal University, Moscow Lomonosov State University in collaboration with the Russian Psychological Association (RPA), American Psychological Association (APA), Tomsk State University, Kemerovo Federal University, International Society of Applied neuropsychology (ISAN), International Society of Cultural-historical Activity Research (ISCAR), Institute of Vygotsky in Portugal, Center for Integrating Neuropsychology and Psychology (CINAPSI) in San Paulo, Moscow Research Center of Developmental Neuropsyсhology and Irkutsk Research Center of Family Health and Human Reproduction are pleased to announce

The Fifth International Luria Memorial Congress.

The congress will be held on 13-16 October 2017 in Yekaterinburg, capital of Ural.

The congress will include plenary and thematic sessions (oral and poster presentations), round table discussions and evening lectures of the leading specialists in psychology and neuroscience from Russia and other countries. A competition will be organized between the papers of students, postgraduate students (Ph.D. fellows) and young researchers (under 33 years old).


The working languages of the conferences are English and Russian. There will be simultaneous translation during the congress.

The social program of the congress The Ural is the place where Alexander Luria (1902-1977) started his excellent career as a neuropsychologist. During the World War II he was the head of a rehabilitation hospital in Kisegach – a small Ural town. Here he has developed with his colleagues the world known methods of neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation of soldiers after traumatic brain injury. The social program of the congress will include a visit to this historical place, as well as to the other world known historical places and famous museums of Ural.


International Presidency of the Congress:

Chair: Janna Glozman (Russia).

Members: Tatyana Akhutina – Chair of the Program Committee (Russia), Carla Anauate (Brazil), Alfredo Ardila (USA), Mike Cole (USA), Bozydar Kaczmarek (Poland), Sergey Kiselev – Vice-chair of the Organizing Committee (Russia), Victor Koksharov – Co-chair of the Organizing Committee (Russia), Bella Kotik-Friedgut (Israel), Lucciano Mecacci (Italy), Jordi Pena Casanova (Spain), Antonio Puente (USA), Joaquim Quintino – Aires (Portugal), Yulia Solovieva (Mexique), Elvira Symanuk (Russia), Alexander Thostov – Cochair of the Program Committee (Russia), Peter Tulviste (Estonia), Nicolay Veresov (Australia), Yuri Zinchenko (Russia).

Program Committee

Chair: Tatyana Akhutina. Cochair: Alexander Thostov

Members: Elena Balashova, Liudmila Baranskaya, Boris Bratus’, Alexander Chernorizov, Elena Enikolopova, Maria Falikman, Tatyana Fotekova, Islam Ilyasov, Fairuza Ismagilova, Olga Karabanova, Natalya Korsakova, Yulia Kovas, Maria Kovyazina, Olga Krotkova, Anna Leonova, Olga Lvova, Regina Machinskaya, Yury Mikadze, Valentina Nikolaeva, Vladimir Polyakov, Irina Roshina, Anatoly Skvortsov, Olga Tikhomadritskaya, Larisa Tokarskaya, Rosa Vlasova.

Organizing Committee

Chair: Victor Koksharov.  Vice-Chair Sergey Kiselev.

Members: B.Yu. Berzin, Mike Cole, A.A. Kiselnikov, М.V. Кlimenskih, V.V. Knazev, О.А. L’vova, E.I. Nikolayeva, А.А. Pecherkina, V.M.Polyakov, I.G. Polyakova, L.V. Rychkova, E.E. Symanuk, A.N. Veraksa, О.S. Vindeker.

Secretary: Svetlana Pavlova


Topic Category List

  1. A.R. Luria life and work
  2. A.R. Luria and cultural-historical psychology
  3. Neuropsychology in XXI century: new branches and methods
  4. Actual state and perspectives in neurosciences
  5. Neuropsychological rehabilitation and remediation
  6. A.R. Luria and developmental neuropsychology
  7. Neuropsychology of individual differences
  8. Diagnostics and remediation of learning disabilities
  9. Lurian approaches in assessment and rehabilitation of mental, elderly and psychosomatic patients
  10. Brain and mental processes and states: Lurian approaches in psychophysiology and neurophysiology
  11. Early neurocognitive development of children
  12. Interhemispheric asymmetry and interaction
  13. Development of Luria’s ideas in neurolinguistics
  14. A.R. Luria and general psychology and psychology of personality
  15. A.R. Luria and social psychology
  16.  A.R. Luria and developmental psychology
  17. A.R. Luria and teaching psychology
  18. A.R. Luria and ergonomics and organizational psychology
  19. A.R. Luria and psychology of the subject of professional activity
  20. Psychology of health



For the Fifth International Luria Memorial Congress.

October 13 – 16 2017, Yekaterinburg.

Last and given names
Affiliation (including country)
Scientific rank and title.
Date of birth.
Participation in the Congress (to underline). – active participation with presentation;

– active participation without presentation;

– only abstract publication;

– accompanying person.

Preferred presentation method (to underline)*

*Final decision belongs to the Program Committee

Keynote presentation

Oral presentation

Poster presentation

Title of presentation (abstract).
№ from the Topic Category List
Language of presentation /poster (to underline) Russian


Both languages

Do you need hotel or condominium


The conference fee is 60 euro. For students, ISAN, RPA and ISCAR members, accompanying persons, guests and actively participating coauthors 30 euro. The conference fee includes: congress-package, social program, equipment for simultaneous translation, publication of the abstract and invitation letters with visa support.

A special issue of “Psychology in Russia” (indexed in Scopus) will publish some Congress proceedings, selected by the Program Committee

Abstract requirements

Length limit – 250 words (output data: title, name(s) of author(s), country, city and e-mail – are included). References to the grants should be issued in the form of footnote. Application form is mandatory together with the abstract. Each author can submit maximum 3 abstracts with maximum 2 abstracts as the first presenter. Please underline the presenter’s name. Abstracts are accepted in Russian or English.


Abstract submission started the 1 November 2016 and continues until May 25 2017. Please send the abstract together with the application form to the Congress Secretary Svetlana Pavlova by e-mail:      


Follow the update information on:


In RUSSIAN: first-information-letter-rus-2

In SPANISH: luria-2017-es

In PORTUGUESE: primeira-chamada-congresso-luria



Curso ISAN: Niños con problemas de aprendizaje: causas, tipos y enfoques de tratamiento


Este curso realizará Prof. Janna Glozman –reconocida mundialmente psicóloga rusa, la Profesora de la Universidad de Moscú, Directora de Investigación del Centro de Moscú de Desarrollo Neuropsicología, Presidente de la Sociedad Internacional de Neuropsicología Aplicada (ISAN)

glozman_kurso ISAN.jpg

Las metas del curso están dirigidas a responder a las preguntas:

¿por qué el número de los niños con deshabilitades de aprendizaje aumenta en todo el mundo?,

¿cuáles son las causas biológicas y sociales de retraso en el desarrollo?,

¿cuáles son los diferentes tipos de desarrollo anormal y cómo es posible ayudar a estos niños?


El curso organizado por la ISAN, con el apoyo de Ayuntamento de La Pobla de Claramunt


Cuando: 7 y 8 de noviembre 2016, horario:17:30-20:00

Lugar: A l’ATENEU, La Pobla de Claramunt

Precio (donativo): 30 euros por el curso; participantes – miembros ISAN – 20 euros.


Subscripción fecha límite: 20 de octubre 2016 por el correo a Liudmila Liutsko:

Nota: En caso de no llegar de un mínimo 10-15 personas inscritas, el curso se cancelará.



The first open meeting for members ISAN // La primera reunión abierta para los miembros ISAN

In the 11th of June 2016 in Estoril Congress Center (Portugal) within framework of the Vigotsky Conference 2016, the first open meeting for all members (current and interested to join) of ISAN will take place.

La primera reunión abierta para los miembros ISAN (actuales y los interesados a unirse) se realizará al día 11 de junio del 2016 al Estoril Congress Centre (Portugal) dentro del programa de Vigotsky Conference 2016.

ISAN members meeting in Portugal 2016




The ISAN executive commetee meetings in Barcelona

Illms. Santi Boch and the townhall of La Pobla de Claramunt (Barcelona, Spain) congratulated the ISAN with the Christmas and New Year 2016.

During December’15 and January’16 the international meetings with the executive members of the ISAN, Prof. Janna Glozman (the President of the ISAN. Russia), Dr. Carla Anauate (Brazil) and Dr. Liudmila Liutsko (Spain) in Barcelona.

In February we had local meeting with Dr. Jordi Peña at PRBB. The actualized questions of neuropsychology of modern society were discussed.

Among the topics discussed about the ISAN were the following ones:

  • the current preparation and writing of the neuropsychological manual (in Brazilian first, in charge of the Dr. Carla Anauate);
  • proposal and organization of the ISAN executive team and members during weekend followed by the Conference in Portugal in June (it still should be discussed with a wider circle and especially participants from Portugal, Dr. Quintino and his group),
  • possibility to create and organize the International course for specialists on Applied Neuropsychology, leading by Prof. Glozman from MSU, in other countries – Spain, Poland, etc..DSCN5160.JPG


4th Estoril Vigotsky Conference, Portugal, June 9-11, 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Vegotskyan League of Portuguese Language and the Quintino Aires Institute, in collaboration with the Russian State University for the Humanities, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, IPAF – Vigotsky Institute (São Paulo, Brazil), along with Andricard (Luanda, Angola), we are pleased to invite you to the 4th Estoril Vigotsky Conference that will be held in Estoril/Portugal, from June 9th to 11th, 2016. If you are interested in Vigotsky’s life and ideas prepare and take steps to assure your participation in such an important international event of Psychology.

Three days of keynote and state of the art lectures, oral presentations and posters is the hallmark of this personal and interactive conference. It is a unique opportunity to interface with colleagues from different disciplines all over the world.

Started in 2010, the ESTORIL VIGOTSKY CONFERENCE is a biennial international meeting of professionals from different disciplines such as Psychology, Pedagogy, Linguistics, Anthropology, Medicine, and Health Sciences. These professionals come together with the common bond of an interest and focus on Vigotsky, Luria and Leont’ev.

The Honor Vigotsky Prize is to be awarded to distinguish the contemporary applications of these three luminaries. The awards have previously been granted to: Yuri Zinchenko, (Russia), Janna Glozman (Russia), Dorothy Robbins (USA), Elena Kravtsova (Russia), Gennady Kravtsov (Russia) and Margarida César (Portugal).

Yuri Zinchenko (Russia), Joaquim Quintino Aires (Portugal), Simone Marangoni (Brazil), Josina Sebastião Quitumba (Angola).

Main Topics:
History and Philosophy of Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Social Psychology

Educational Psychology

Psychology of Work and Organizations.

The official language of the congress is English and also Portuguese.

For more detailed information, please, see the web of the conference:

Members of the ISAN have a discount: